RYA Competent Crew

Experience great living on board a sail yacht and really get to know the boat. Virtually all the course is hands-on. You are the crew – without you the sails won’t go up and the boat won’t be steered.

During the RYA Competent Crew course you will be encouraged to take an active part in all aspects of sailing the yacht. Everything, beginning with the very basics, will be explained and demonstrated by your friendly and accommodating RYA Instructor. Emphasis is placed on teamwork, learning new skills, making new friends and seeing the sights of Arctic Norway around Tromsø.

By the end of the course you should be able to steer, handle sails, keep a lookout, row a dinghy and assist in all the day to day duties on board. You are going to be an invaluable support for your skipper! And you have experienced sailing in an unique area and had an enjoyable holiday.

Pre-course experience

Assumed knowledge

Minimum duration
5 days, live on board

Minimum age
None – you can bring your family and friends with you

Course content
Knowledge of sea terms and parts of a boat, her rigging and sails, sail handling, ropework, fire precautions and fighting, personal safety equipment, man overboard, emergency equipment, meteorology, seasickness, helmsmanship, general duties, manners and customs, rules of the road, dinghies

Ability after the course
Able to steer, handle sails, keep a lookout, row a dinghy and assist in all the day to day routines

RYA Competent Crew, awarded on completing the course

Course dates
We run RYA Competent Crew courses throughout May and September each year.

See all availabilities in our Course Calendar.
By clicking on our Course Calendar you will be redirected to our online booking system.

NOK8500 per person (up to five and the instructor on a yacht), prices are inclusive of accommodation, fuel, RYA qualified, experienced instructor.
Food will be of extra charge (approx. NOK750).
Not included are personal travel expenses and insurances.

Special deals
Private cabin
NOK14500 per person (we guarantee you don’t have to share your cabin)
NOK14500 per group of two (If you book together and share cabin and books with a friend, buddy, partner, wife/husband etc.)
Deals cannot be combined!

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