RYA Yachtmaster Coastal

RYA Yachtmaster CoastalNo – a Yachtmaster is everything but a desktop skipper. But we like the picture…

A RYA Yachtmaster™ Certificate of Competence is often the ultimate aim of aspiring skippers. It is a well known, highly respected qualification worldwide, proving your experience and competence as a skipper.

These certificates of Competence are gained by examination. The RYA Yachtmaster Examiner is independent of Boreal Sailing Academy, and will not having been involved in your training, and is therefore objective when assessing your ability. With the addition of a commercial endorsement, this highly respectable qualification can open up a variety of work opportunities.

We run frequent intensive preparation courses for the RYA Yachtmaster Coastal examinations. During these courses only those aiming for an examination, or those benefiting from an intensive skills week at the same level, will be on the yacht together. We do not mix preparation courses with other courses, as this would compromise both.

During this intensive preparation courses, we focus on building your exsting skills and incorporate as many advanced manoeuvres as possible. Despite being a demanding week, even very experienced skippers will come away from the training with new skills and greater proficiency onboard. We limit the numbers on board to four students and the instructor—we feel that this is the ideal ratio.

The RYA Yachtmaster Coastal exam lasts 6-10 hours for 1 candidate, 8-14 hours for 2 candidates and will include an assessment of your skippering skills, boat handling, general seamanship, navigation, safety awareness and knowledge of the IRPCS, meteorology and signals.

Pre-Exam Requirements
Candidates must be aged 17 or over, and require:

800 miles logged within 10 years prior to the examination, 30 days living on board, two days as skipper, and 12 night hours.For holders of the Coastal Skipper Practical Course Completion Certificate, the sea time requirement is reduced to: 400 miles, 20 days living on board, two days as skipper and 12 night hours.

At least half the qualifying sea time must have been conducted in tidal waters.

Four full days of instruction, and one final independent examination taking place throughout the fifth and usually sixth day.

An additional five days preparation may be booked prior to the final week, giving you an additional two day weekend free in-between courses to self study other development needs highlighted by your instructor.

RYA / MCA Yachtmaster Coastal Certificate of Competence, awarded after successfully passing the independant exam.

Course dates
We run RYA Yachtmaster Coastal courses and exams during September each year.

See all availabilities in our Course Calendar.
By clicking on our Course Calendar you will be redirected to our online booking system.

During the last two days of this course the RYA Yachtmaster Exam will take place. You can expect it to finish late.

NOK9500 per person (up to four and the instructor on a yacht), prices are inclusive of accommodation, fuel, RYA qualified, experienced instructor and examiner.
Food will be of extra charge (approx. NOK750).
Not included are personal travel expenses, insurances and exam fee.

Special deals
Private cabin
NOK16500 per person (we guarantee you don’t have to share your cabin)
NOK16500 per group of two (If you book together and share cabin and books with a friend, buddy, partner, wife/husband etc.)
Deals cannot be combined!

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